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  • Service Hotline13016808815

    About us

        Zhenjiangshi Moboluo Machinery limited liability company production of vacuum pressure combined pump professional enterprises, the production of a lubricating oil pump of ZYB, ZYBW two series self-lubricating oil, products widely used in printing, packaging, cigarette, dust , food processing and woodworking machinery industries.     

        Mo Boluo machinery companies adhering to products for application services, application process from research and development purposes, for your process to provide the best solutions and rational system configuration. The company has the most advanced processing equipment and testing methods to ensure product quality.
        The company is renowned for the quality of reputation-based, three bags of products, our company has customers willing to work together innovative, proactive, weaving the future.

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    Address: Jiangsusheng Zhenjiangshi Guantangqiao
    Contact: Xin Yi Mobile: (0)13016808815 Tel: 0511-84511968 Fax: 0511-84514486

    Links: Vacuum pump Oil-free vacuum pump Composite vacuum pressure pump

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